Private Lessons

Private lessons are available to all skaters, regardless of age or skill level. Private lessons are an opportunity for one-on-one learning with a Skating Professional specific to a skater’s individual needs. Skaters of all ages and levels benefit from private lessons, which will help them learn and progress at an accelerated pace. Once a skater begins private lessons, they can choose to participate in skating competitions and advanced testing. All of these things will help foster a sense of dedication, accomplishment, good sportsmanship, and many other life lessons.

Private lesson fees are paid directly to the skating professional and do not include ice time or skate rental.  Fees range between $30-$50 per 30 min based on the instructor.


If you would like Courtney Walker, Skating Lead, to assist you in selecting a skating professional based upon availability, goals, and skill level, she can be reached via email at or by phone at 858-956-0045. You may also observe our skating professionals teaching group classes or private lessons and approach them directly to inquire about their availability.


Booster Lesson Package includes three 20 min private lessons for $50.  Anyone that is currently enrolled in our learn to skate program and does not have a private coach is eligible for this package.  This covers all instruction and ice time.  Contact your desired coach directly (via email or in person) to schedule times or contact the Skating Lead if you need assistance.  Your coach will reserve a 30 min slot so that there is time before and after the lesson to discuss goals and progress. 

This package can only be purchased one time by each skater.  If you would like to continue taking private lessons after you finish your package, you may do so with your coach at their regular rate.  Private lessons are recommended at Basic 4 & up as the skill set becomes more difficult; if your child is struggling on certain skills / levels; or if they are showing excitement towards continued progress in their skating. 

On your lesson day, check in at the front desk to get your sticker.  Let them know you are here for a Booster Lesson and your sticker will display as such.  Sticker must be worn to take your booster lesson.  

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More Information

For more information, contact:

Poway ICE Program Office

Poway ICE Skating School Lead – Courtney Walker

The Rinks Figure Skating Director – Alex Chang