Skater & Players of the Month

Youth Player of the Month

Ryan is in his third season with the Poway Ducks Bantam team. Ryan has shown leadership both on and off ice this season. He's played shut-down defense, and he's contributed offensively from the blue line.  

Adult Player of the Month

We would like to congratulate Mike Ryan for being The Rinks Poway ICE Player of the Month. Mike has been playing with the Puck’ n Moose in the 50+ for two seasons now. Mike always looks forward taking the ice with his teammates and having a good time. Mike has his dad come out to every one of his games and always shows the best sportsman ship on and off the ice.

Skater of the Month

Meet Lauren Bowlus, an active 4th grader at Painted Rock Elementary in Poway! Lauren became interested in ice skating when she started watching the Winter Olympics.  Lauren started Learn to Skate at Poway Ice in March and quickly progressed through the basics.  She is currently at Basic 6 with Coach Justin.  Lauren is very athletic as she does martial arts, dances, swims, runs and now ice skates! Lauren also has her own YouTube channel, Squishy Diva! She loves school and enjoys crafts because she is so creative.  Lauren is a Girl Scout too! Lauren is looking forward to working on her axel someday soon! Lauren has a goal of competing in the Jr. Olympics so she plans to practice, practice and practice!