Freestyle Camps

The Rinks offer a number of daily freestyle skating sessions for figure skaters. These are special sessions provided for the practice of jumps, spins, turns, steps, moves in the field, etc. Skaters are allowed to share the sound system in order to practice their routines to music. Skaters are provided with full ice usage and no cones are allowed on Freestyle sessions.

  • All Freestyle Camp sessions, regardless of level, are strictly for figure skating practice and figure skating lessons unless otherwise noted (e.g. Skating Skills)
  • Learn to Skate practice passes are not valid on any type of Freestyle Camp/Session


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*Schedule subject to change without notice.  Please always check website.

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Maximum number of skaters on freestyle sessions is 30 skaters.  

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Please review our Return to Play protocols before registering for Learn to Skate, Freestyle, or other Figure Skating camps. 

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in loss of skating & coaching privileges

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  • 1 hour - $13
  • At this time, Poway ICE only offer 1-hour sessions

Basic Package (10) - $125.00
$12.50 per session

Bronze Package (25) - $300.00
$12.25 per session

Silver Package (50) - $550.00
$12 per session

Gold Package (75) - $750.00
$11.75 per session

*Poway ICE Freestyle packages are for use at Poway ICE ONLY

Level Requirements

Freestyle Camps - General

  • Unless otherwise specified, ALL Freestyle Camps are "Learn to Skate USA Basic 4" level and higher. Singles Free Skating, Pairs or Dance only. 
  • Skaters below Basic 4 may skate on "Regular" or "Basic 4+" sessions in lesson only with prior approval from Skating Manager/Lead but are not allowed to practice on their own for safety reasons.
    • Please use an Open Freestyle Camp or Skating Skills Camp for practice time (see below)
    • Private lesson instructor strongly encouraged to promote safety and Freestyle Session etiquette
  • No rental skates or hockey skates allowed

Leveled Freestyle Camp - By Test

Freestyle Camps with test restrictions are for figure skaters that have passed the equivalent USFS Free Skating Test -or- are currently competing at that level.

  • For example, "Freestyle - Juvenile & Up" is open only to skaters that have passed the USFS Juvenile Free Skating test -or- are currently competing at the Juvenile level 

Open Freestyle Camp - All Levels

  • Open Freestyle Camps are open to any level of figure skater
  • Hockey players may skate on these sessions during a lesson only and with prior approval from Skating Manager/Lead
  • Rental skates are permitted

Guest Coach Protocol

  • Contact Skating Lead, Courtney Walker (contact information listed below), for approval at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Submit proof of: 
    • Coach Compliance (Background Check and SafeSport)
    • Liability Insurance
      • Certificate holder must list:
        The Rinks Poway ICE
        12455 Kerran Street, Suite 100
        Poway, CA, 92064
  • Pay $35 Guest Coaching Fee BEFORE taking the ice or $130 The Rinks - Weekly Guest Coaching Fee* on Monday
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  • *The Rinks - Weekly Guest Coaching Fee Details:
    • The Figure Skating Department's Weekly Guest Coaching Fee of $130 per week will cover from Monday to Sunday, regardless of the date and time of purchase
    • This weekly fee should be paid on Mondays and paid before you begin teaching for the week 
    • This fee will be good for all The Rinks locations but NOT Great Park Ice
    • All Guest Coaches must be pre-approved by the Skating Manager/Lead of appropriate facility to register for sessions and pay for pro fees
      • If they are not able to process the payment, it is likely that they do NOT have the appropriate "membership key" required and should contact the Skating Manager/Lead for approval
    • Please note that this is an INTERIM weekly payment option during the current pandemic and is subject to change or cease at any time

More Information

For more information, contact:

Poway ICE Program Office

Poway ICE Skating School Lead – Courtney Walker

The Rinks Figure Skating Director – Alex Chang